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    Koninklijke (Royal) Verkade Fabrieken (Factories) Zaandam (the Netherlands) is the official name of the well-known biscuit and biscuit factory. This factory has existed since 1886. It was founded by Mr Verkade and at that time was called “De Ruyter” and was a Steam- Bread-and Rusk Factory. The name De Ruyter refers to the past, because the first flour mill in Zaandam bore that name.

    The first products were; bread, rusk, honey gingerbread and Langjes, later the tea lights were added. “De Ruyter” is still recognizable in the logo of the Verkade brand. Over time, Verkade switched to making biscuits and chocolate.

    The main brands of Koninklijke Verkade are Verkade and Sultana and Godiva. In 1950 Verkade received the designation “Royal”. In 1990 Koninklijke Verkade became part of United Biscuits, which in turn was taken over by Yildiz.

    They still make a lot of cookies and chocolate.