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JAJ Pyrex England Harvest 505/509/513, oven dish with vegetable image


One of our personal favorites is the JAJ Harvest bowls. The stylized print of vegetables in red, yellow and green colors remain stylishly beautiful 🙂

We were able to make a nice set of the large, medium and smaller JAJ 513, 509, and 505 .

All three bowls are in beautiful vintage condition, none visible anomalies. The middle bowl has a lid. There is no mark on the lid of JAJ, but it looks similar like JAJ…

Large casserole (513) Size: 8.7inch x 3inch / 22cm x 7.5cm

Medium casserole (509) Size: 7.7inch x 2.6inch / 19.5cm x 6.5cm

Small casserole (505) Size: 6.3inch x 2.2inch / 16cm x 5.5cm


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