About Retroriek

Retroriek was born out of love for old things and materials. We will be happy if we can give a new life to products that already have a past. In our shop you will mainly find vintage products and collectibles.

In addition to searching the city and country for nice items for the shop, we make new products from old materials. At the moment that is mainly lighting, but this can also be a nice table. Each item is unique and therefore the only one of its kind.

We also try to apply the reuse of old things when packing and sending our products; in order to reduce the burden on the environment in this way too. The quality of the product is paramount, this must be guaranteed. Where possible, we try to use as little plastic or other newly purchased materials as possible.
If you have questions or comments, give us a message. We are happy to help you!

Hetty and Jan

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