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19 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Jennifer van Leeuwen

    The Brabantia theedoek rack I order came just as described and packaged well for the trip to the US. The item has great sentimental value to me and was made even more special by the handwritten note from the seller. Dank jullie well!!

  2. Donna Richoux

    Thanks for the prompt service. in the 1990s I bought a Moulinex food grater at a Dutch kitchenware shop. My daughter has now set up house and could not find anything as safe and effective, so I was pleased to find the exact same one on line to get her as a gift. I still use mine every week or two, mostly for shredding carrots and cheese.

  3. E. Wilson

    We just received the little wooden, 1930s pencil case – complete with old slate pencils! It is so cool! It was shipped so quickly and so nicely packaged – thank you very much! The story behind the order: My 88-year-old mother was feeling nostalgic and telling me about slate pencils that she used to use when she was a child. She has a slate chalkboard and she was saying that she wished she had some of those old slate pencils. So I went online searching for the pencils and found Retroriek! Not only did I find the pencils but the authentic wooden case as well. We are so happy with the purchase! Thanks for having such a good eye and appreciation for all things old and beautiful 🙂

  4. Lysanne

    I’ve been super ecstatic with my 1924 copy of “Emily van de Nieuwe Maan” the original English version is my favourite novel of all time and finding the Dutch translated version made my year!

    Thank you for packing it so well and shipping it so swiftly!

  5. bishant kakkar

    I have bought recently Vintage plate Arcopal Fruits de France dinner plates (23cm) and I’m looking for more to buy, please let me know if you that in your stock or you can arrange that for me.

  6. Tracy

    So, my best friend is getting remarried and I was looking for the perfect gift. Years ago when we were room mates her grandmother had given her this wicker chicken basket. We thought we were so cool, we used to serve chips and dip in it. We still laugh about how cool we thought we were. Well that basket is long gone of course as it’s more than 30 years ago. So I found the chicken basket on your site.
    So, for gift will be the basket with a bag of chips, some dip, and of course some $$$ – but how do you say $$$Priceless!!$$$
    I dare say she’ll have a few giggles and and a huge smile on her face!
    So happy to have found the basket on your site.
    It arrived in Canada quickly, and safe and sound!
    Thank you!

  7. Rod

    Do you have the spring for the Branantia wall scale
    Our has broken

  8. Incardona

    Ravie de mes achats,pièces très rares et comme neuves malgré leur âge.J ai pu compléter ma collection Lotus !!!Emballage hyper sécurisé. Merci bcp pour le soin apporté. Dommage que le frais de port soient si élevés mais je viens de loin.?

  9. Johanna

    Everything I ordered was as described, well packaged and absolutely lovely! I’m so happy that I was able to (almost) complete my Fruits de France collection. It’s such a lovely decor and very “cottagecore” as well.
    Lovely, reliable shop and friendly owners!

  10. Laura

    Hi! You have fantastic wool blankets i have been looking for for months! I live in Italy could you tell me how much are the shipping expenses? Thank you!

    1. Jan

      Thanks for the compliment! Shipping to Italy costs € 18.76. The package may weigh a maximum of 23 KG. You will receive a track and trace code to follow your package.

      We’d love to hear from you if you have any more questions.

  11. Erik

    Even though the two blankets I ordered traveled to another continent in the midst of the holiday season and the pandemic, they arrived sooner than expected and in perfect condition just like the pictures shown. I am very pleased with my order and would definitely buy from here again, thank you!

  12. Ralph

    Thank you so much! I’ve got two wonderful Vintage blankes. Soft and fluffy! I’ll enjoy the winter underneath them! ?

  13. John Hyde

    Hi Hetty & Jan
    Thanks for sending the Vintage Arcopal France medium smoked glass round oven dish which came very well packaged. As yet I haven’t completely unwrapped but did have a quick look. You asked the story behind the order. Well we received one as a wedding gift some 36 years ago and sadly my wife broke the lid around 3 months ago, it has been her favourite dish all this time and gets regular use and was disappointed that she couldn’t find anything else she liked . I stubbled on one on eBay but it was the large one, then a google search once I knew what it was called lead me to your webpage and bingo. Funny thing is she accepted the parcel but didn’t guess what it was so I’ve wrapped it up as a Christmas present (I know terrible of me) So thank you very much I know she will be very happy with it. John

    1. Jan en Hetty @ Retroriek

      Aaah these are the best stories behind the order; yes it is terrible to let her wait but … Christmas is not far away! 🙂

  14. Stef

    The bread box is amazing!!! It looks perfect in my kitchen too. Thanks!

  15. Caterina Vettori

    Thank you so much for sending the beautiful orange bread bin, which now takes pride of place in our new home. We love it so much!

  16. elisa rainaldi

    Hi Jan & Hetty,
    I’ve receiveid my beautiful Brabantia bred box, and the arcopal set – they are so lovely! It was all securely packed, and your handwritten cards was so kind. Thank you!

  17. Judith Schumacher

    Hi you both,
    I’m so happy with my blanket from Aabe. It arrives very quickly. The nice
    handwritten card from Hetty was dated on my birthday. Packing was carefully. Thank you so much.
    With love, Judith and have a good year too!