Vintage hexagonal plastic Rolykit beige brown 1973 Samuel Meijering


S. Meijering was a Dutch film director, writer, inventor and entrepreneur. He came up with this system because he thought it was a mess on his desk and crafted this rolykit from cardboard. The Rolykit can be rolled out in one go, while the contents simply remain in place in all compartments of this storage box. The secret of the Rolykit is that each storage compartment is only accessible when it is rolled out when it is lying flat on the surface. Finally, if the storage compartments are rolled back together, the bottom of one compartment becomes the lid of another compartment. Genius of course!

The tray looks good and is intact. Great for storing crafts!

Dimensions: 108 x 27.5 cm rolled out. Rolled up it is 18.5 cm high.

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