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Showing all 51 results

Pyrex, heat-resistant milk glass baking dishes, serving dishes and bowls of the brands Arcopal France, JAJ made in England, Schott & Gen Mainz / Jenaer glass, Corning USA (Anchor Hocking / Fire King / Pyrex (England)

Most of the bowls in our shop are “pyrex” bowls. These are quality products that often come from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

These are often milk glasses, heat-resistant bowls, made of the very strong borosilicate glass.

Think of Mr. James A. Joblin, which stands for those beautiful white JAJ baking dishes with all kinds of fruit and vegetable patterns from the 1960s.

We also know Arcopal France from our youth (mother brand Arc France) with its floral flowers like Veronica, Lotus and Scania flowers.

Schott & Gen Mainz, or Jena glass, from Germany, is less known but has very nice oven dishes with floral prints. Mr. Schott seems to be the founder of these super strong glass bowls.

For example, each brand has its own life story in which there was a lot of competition among the countries. That is why the scales are sometimes very similar. We also try to look up and tell the history of the scales.

All our bowls are in good vintage quality with at most a small acceptable deviation. We describe this clearly on our site and of course adjust the prices accordingly. It remains a used product, of which you must be able to see the charm and quality. The quality is often much better than the products that can be found in stores today. That is why we want to give these vintage products a good second life at the right place.